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What’s the big deal with Crossfit anyway?

What’s the big deal with Crossfit anyway?

     There is an enthusiasm that people have about Crossfit. Sometimes when people are too enthusiastic about something everyone else is taken back a little bit. What is it about Crossfit that sparks such enthusiasm in people? Being a coach you get to see many different aspects of an athlete. Most people just starting out in their first class look like a deer in headlights, waiting for that big semi truck to come in and smash into them. By the end of their first class they realize this is totally doable by anybody. Then the soreness kicks in, and they realize, that they are not necessarily out of shape, but that they definitely could be in better shape! 


    The benefits of Crossfit are far reaching throughout all parts of life if the proper foundations are put in place. For example, people have given Crossfit a bad rap for making torn shoulder ligaments, knee ligaments, back injuries, etc.....99.9% that with proper form, good coaching with proper cues, nutrition (decent) and correct loading, many injuries would be avoided. Understanding this has helped me not only with coaching but also when I workout.


            One life changing habit I have seen Crossfitters pick up is the ability to openly verbally admit weaknesses! There is no other place in the world have I ever seen such a thing. I have to include myself in this catalyst event. I will admit, recognizing one of my weaknesses falls dangerously close to admitting when I’m wrong! When we find a weakness, acknowledge, we admit, start working on how to change it. Skill work, practice, conditioning, our coaches and members help! Everyone has  skills and movements they excel at, and ones they don’t, everyone has tips and tricks to help turn their weaknesses into..... not their weakest hahaha.


              This action with Crossfit and recognition of weakness bleeds out into the rest of their lives! I see it. I am kind of a people watcher, the changes that come from this realization are profound! Being a box owner I want to change peoples lives. EVERY SINGLE PERSON has the potential to be great! Some just need to find the path. When an athlete does thing that they never thought they could do like climb a rope, ring muscle up, pull-up, peg board(I could go on forever). Confidence is gained! Dare I say intelligence is gained? Hahahaha..... Not scientifically proven, but I would say in my opinion they seem smarter! 

              The realization that they just did something that they deemed impossible in their minds, the “what else can I tackle that I have told myself is not possible” light goes off in their minds. The job they told themselves they would be passed up on! The girl or guy they thought would say no if they asked them out! They realize if they don’t hit their goal, they can use the people around them in similar situations to get some tips and tricks to get that job, or whatever goal they may have! 

          I can tell you learning how to do alot of these movements was harder than any application I have ever put in for a job!

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